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Senior CPE Process & Project Ingenieur - Janssen Pharmaceutica - Belgium

A. Afbakening en definiëring
Functietitel: Senior CPE Process & Project Ingenieur

Afdeling: Chemische Productie Engineering & Process Excellence (CPE), Geel

De ultieme doelstelling van CPE is het aanbieden van oplossingen aan de Bevoorradingsketen en Productie, zowel lokaal als internationaal. Samen met andere bedrijfsfuncties zoals Onderhoud, Kwaliteit en Productie, is CPE een actieve speler of leider in de volgende bedrijfsprocessen:
· Masterplanning van gebouwen en infrastructuur, en het beheren van de investeringsportefeuille;
· Site project prioritisatie (incl. investeringen) en programma management;
· Beheer van de investeringsprojecten: probleem definitie, ontwikkelen van de business case en selectie van alternatieven, implementatie, beheer van beschikbare middelen, document beheer, en nazorg;
· Nieuwe Technologieën, inclusief technologie scouting en piloot implementaties;
· Compliance, kwalificatie, periodieke review;
· Kennisbeheer (procestechnologie);
· Process Excellence.
En dit alles binnen een context van aanhoudende hoge investeringen, toenemende complexiteit, en een behoefte aan nieuwe technologieën gedreven door een sterke groei in nieuwe noden.

B. Functie
Korte functieomschrijving:
· Het evalueren van alternatieven en uitwerken/definiëren van oplossingen voor de gestelde problemen;
· Het participeren in grote investeringsprojecten met focus op ontwerp van proces apparatuur, of het leiden van een subproject daarin;
· Het leiden van kleine en middelgrote investeringsprojecten (tot 3 miljoen euro), met focus op proces en technologie investeringen;
· Actief deelnemen aan en/of leiden van internationale expert teams om technologische oplossingen uit te werken (Equipment Platformen, Task Forces, Engineering Standard Teams);
· Het opnemen van een expertrol i.f.v. de strategische doelstellingen van de Wereldwijde Chemische Productie;
· En dit alles in nauw contact met de productieafdelingen.

C. Profiel
1) Technische expertise
· Diploma:
o Burgerlijk, bio- of industrieel ingenieur (Elektromechanica of chemische procestechnieken) of gelijkwaardige opleiding (bvb Master in de Wetenschappen), met 5 tot 15 jaar relevante werkervaring;
· Kennis van technieken, instrumenten:
o Chemische procestechnologie, sterke elektromechanische kennis en inzicht.
o Een uitgesproken interesse in en kennis van mechanica en materiaal compatibiliteit is essentieel.
o Multi-disciplinair
o Steeds bereid om nieuwe expertise te verwerven

· Ervaring met bepaalde procedures:
o Project Delivery Process – Project Management

· Andere ervaring:
o Coördineren van en samenwerken met brede waaier aan interne en externe mensen en middelen;
o Stressbestendig, en een sterk gevoel voor dringendheid;
o Groot leervermogen, en de wil en kunde om steeds bij te leren;
o Zeer sterk ethisch gedrag, respectvol;
o Goede kennis van Engels vereist, kennis van Duits gewenst;
o Bereid om frequent te reizen.

2) Resultaatgerichtheid

3) Eigenaarschap

4) Zin voor vernieuwing

5) Voeling met de business

6) Teamwerk

7) Communicatievaardigheden

8) Aandacht voor kwaliteitsnormen

9) Leiderschapsvaardigheden

Functieprofiel opgesteld door:

W. Braeckmans
Directeur Chemische Productie Engineering & PE
Geel Site

W. BraeckmansDirector Chemical Production Engineering & Process Excellence, Janssen PharmaceuticaDirector Technology Development Group, Worldwide Chemical ProductionE-MAIL: :: PHONE: +32 (14) 60.43.28 :: FAX: +32 (14) 60.40.50


Advertising Director - EurActiv - Brussels

EurActiv has doubled its team size (ca 60 including franchise partners), and publishes in 10 languages to 500 000 monthly readers: EurActiv requires stronger management for expansion. EurActiv is the leading EU policy media and has three main sources of income: Sponsorship, Advertising and Public contracts. See Editorial Mission .

Job Description:
As Advertising Director, you will apply your knowledge of European marketing and lead key corporate accounts. EurActiv provides a challenging environment in an innovative sector that thrives on hard work and rewards successful individuals.

Tasks include:
providing strategic leadership and vision to increase the business portfolio,
identifying prospective clients and determine key issues for them,
setting up and holding sales meetings,
generating leads and managing contact database and client satisfaction,
identifying and selling advertising campaigns

hard-working, fast, bright, ambitious,
experience in corporate sales, consulting, business development and/or media agencies,
knowledge of EU policies an asset,
ability to listen to and to respond professionally to senior corporate executives,
ability to produce timely correspondence (writing in English is essential),
emphasis on detail and rigorous planning,
English (excellent), French (very good), Flemish (an asset)
minimum of 6 years relevant experience, probably closer to 10 years

CVs should be sent, in confidence, with a short covering letter to:


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Senior Sales Manager - ESPN Int - Walt Disney - UK

Overall Purpose of the Role
Summary of the role – overall role contribution to team, department and organisation
The Senior Sales Manager is responsible for sales of ESPN programming to broadcasters primarily in Europe, Africa, and Middle East regions.

Responsibility for meeting and exceeding annual revenue targets, developing sales strategies, dividing & organizing the work load, supervising all aspects of the sales process and presenting/reporting to various leagues & partners (internally and externally).

Day-to-day management of a sales team (in conjunction with the Senior Sales Director).

In addition, the Senior Sales Manager will be responsible for supporting other ESPN business lines (EG ESPN Classic Sport and X Games) and developing new business opportunities (such as, Mobile/New Media, new TV programming/rights to sell, Home Entertainment, etc)

Areas of Responsibility
Key elements and required results of the role

  • Develop, execute and track TV (and other media) sales. Maintain detailed records of sales calls, pitches, and deals. Includes drafting and maintenance of contracts and NCS (proprietary database system) database information.
  • Manage media syndication sales effort across assigned markets/programming in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to ensure continued growth and profitability. Exploit ESPN catalogue and seek new opportunities to meet/exceed annual budgets. From time to time there may be sales opportunities/projects assigned outside the EMEA region.
  • Working with clients, broadcasters and other parties to further develop ESPN’s syndication business strategically. This will include increasing sales (increase revenue) and developing branded opportunities (building the ESPN brand).
  • Devise sales strategies for major League/Federation partners and manage/report sales efforts as well as payments to partners.
  • Ensure that ESPN has relationships with all broadcasters, producers, and others who purchase programming and footage in each EMEA market. Deliver pitches as appropriate to source new business and close deals. Make sure that ESPN is effectively marketing its portfolio (in conjunction with ESPN Marketing Dept.)


  • Assist the VP and/or Senior Sales Director in setting and implementing ESPN’s market entry strategy across assigned territories.
  • Understand, disseminate and implement new media strategies in conjunction with other ESPN and Disney departments.
  • Perform all other related duties as required.

Areas of Accountability
Who accountable to, what and who accountable for and any budget responsibility
Accountable to: Senior Sales Director
Accountable for: x3 Sales Executives

Experience and Professional Qualifications Required
Level of experience, Qualifications and People Management experience
This position requires a television/sales professional with a good understanding of the European Media marketplace and a knowledge of sports (and sports television). The ideal candidate would be:

  • An experienced sports program salesperson in Europe.
  • An effective sales person and creative negotiator capable of crafting unique and profitable TV deals. A strong client oriented relationship manager.
  • Experienced in the European television/media world and/or the non-US sports business; able to operate smoothly and effectively across multiple cultures and languages.
  • Demonstrable experience of pitching for new business.
  • A skilful business and people manager with tremendous drive to get things done; a self-starter with a strong performance orientation and an ability to be part of a team atmosphere and motivate others around him/her is very important.
  • Knowledge of television program production and/or news development would be an advantage
  • University graduate (preferred)
  • An interest and knowledge of developing media (on-line, mobile, etc.) an advantage.

Skills Required
Highlighting the key technical, language and job related skills required
Strong Sales Negotiation skills
Excellent Communication skills
Selling Skills & Sales Acumen
Pitch Development
Deal Interpretation & Revenue/Profit Modeling
Able to think strategically and convert into an executable plan
Can thrive within a large corporate environment, understanding the dynamics and challenges of a matrix organisation
Languages would be useful (Especially Spanish, German, French)

Competencies Required
Highlighting the key competencies required for each role
Thinks Strategically
· Examines issues from a broad perspective, considering impact beyond immediate scope
· Identifies key business opportunities and challenges
· Uses knowledge of the company’s products and services to meet customer needs and financial targets
· Stays current on business issues, industry trends, and technology advances

Builds Relationships
· Engages colleagues across the organization to optimize performance
· Facilitates win-win situations
· Resolves conflicts effectively
· Interacts well with people who have different backgrounds and work styles

Communicates Effectively
· Provides appropriate rationale and context to drive commitment
· Effectively persuades others to support ideas and plans
· Tailors messages appropriately to the audience

Drives Results
· Translates strategy into specific priorities, objectives, and action plans
· Holds self and others accountable to high performance standards
· Achieves high levels of customer satisfaction
· Analyzes problems effectively and takes action to resolve

Inspires Creativity and Innovation
· Proactively looks for new opportunities
· Takes risks and manages them intelligently
· Facilitates the exchange of ideas and creation of new ones
· Conceives creative ideas to solve problems or meet objectives

Champions Change
· Builds commitment to change
· Coaches others through change
· Supports new initiatives
· Demonstrates flexibility in response to changes

Builds Teams
· Provides challenging work assignments and developmental opportunities
· Addresses performance issues and takes appropriate action
· Strengthens others through mentoring and feedback
· Supports productivity and morale of the team

Exhibits Professional Excellence
· Pursues excellence with integrity, passion and courage
· Learns from personal and organizational experiences
· Maintains composure under pressure
· Earns the trust and respect of colleagues, partners and customers

Embraces Diversity
· Creates and fosters a respectful, inclusive and welcoming environment for fans, employees and customers.

Approaches work with Passion
· Consistently demonstrates a positive a spirited attitude which encourages the exchange of thought and completion of projects.
· Relentless in pursuit of solutions to new ideas.

Additional Information
For example - travel required and cross-cultural requirements
Regular overseas travel required
Location: Hammersmith, UK, W69PE
Status: Full Time, Permanent


Thursday, May 17, 2007






DESCRIPTION: Bloomberg's product development team are seeking candidates with a strongunderstanding of the Back Office environment to join its global team, specialising in Back Office products. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating and completing a business plan with respect to Bloomberg providing a back office solution for our global customer base.
We are looking for an experienced individual able to communicate effectively with customers, the sales force, programming and third parties.You will work as part of the global team, yet with a great deal of autonomy and should be able to handle a great deal of responsibility.

* Significant experience of working in back office environments.
* Experience of product management or working at management level in backoffice processing.
* Experience of working with a global perspective is a plus.
* Extensive global travel will be required as part of this role.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Apply: Bloomberg London
Phone: +44-20-7330-7500
Fax: +44-20-7392-6666

Manager - Marvic Textiles - London - UK

We are a well-established designer and distributor of luxury fabrics for interior design seeking a customer services/operations/commercial manager.

Reporting to the MD, main duties are management of customer service and distribution, but there is a great variety of work and involvement in this attractive market place.

You will need to be a hands-on, systematic, market-orientated and computer literate person and a good communicator.

Please email your CV and cover letter to or write to Marvic Textiles Ltd.
PMA 1 Westpoint Trading Estate
Alliance Road Acton
London, W3 0RA

Business Unit Manager Vlaanderen - Gijbels - Belgium

Ons bouwbedrijf is opgesplitst in verschillende business units die ieder verantwoordelijk zijn voor het resultaat in hun regio. Voor onze business unit Vlaanderen (provincies Brabant, Oost -Vlaanderen en Zuidelijk Antwerpen) zoeken wij een Business Unit Manager.

Als leider van een business unit (BU) ben je verantwoordelijk voor het resultaat van je BU en word je beoordeeld op basis van de kwaliteit van de projecten en de klantentevredenheid. Een goed resultaat op ieder van deze criteria, kan je enkel behalen indien je je eigen team van bouwadviseurs, calculators, tekenaars en projectleiders, onderling goed laat samenwerken. Tegelijk draag je er zorg voor dat de samenwerking met de andere business units en ondersteunende diensten perfect verloopt.
Om tot goede resultaten te komen, is een strikte opvolging van de planning tijdens de voorbereiding van een project én tijdens de uitvoering ervan noodzakelijk.
Daarnaast zoek je samen met je team, maar ook met de directie en de ondersteunende diensten, steeds naar betere en efficiëntere oplossingen om de projecten vlotter of meer rendabel te laten verlopen.
De beheersing van de kosten tijdens het volledige verloop van de projecten, is een permanente bekommernis van een business unit manager. Beslissingen die je zelf of samen met je team neemt, moeten steeds in het belang van de klant en ons bedrijf zijn. Enkel op deze wijze kan je, samen met je team “alle bouwzorgen van de klant wegnemen”, want dàt is onze missie!
We mogen de klant enkel oplossingen en géén problemen aanreiken.

Voor deze uitdagende functie zoeken we een enthousiaste medewerker die met een ondernemende geest in een goed georganiseerde omgeving mee wil werken aan de toekomst van ons bedrijf. Als manager ben je in staat medewerkers te motiveren, en te laten zoeken naar oplossingen. Je bent positief ingesteld, je kan nauwgezet een planning of budget opvolgen en je hebt een passie voor het bouwen van hoog kwalitatieve gebouwen. Je bent pas tevreden van het resultaat als de klant onze prestaties als “uitstekend” omschrijft en je team een extra motivatie uit het project haalt voor de toekomst.

Past deze uitdaging bij jouw ambities en kwaliteiten? Heb je zin om mee te bouwen aan de toekomst van een bedrijf door zelf resultaatsverantwoordelijkheid te dragen? Is het leiden van een team in goede en moeilijke momenten een uitdaging voor jou?

Stuur je cv en motivatiebrief dan naar onze HR directeur Herman Verwimp. Je mag hem ook telefonisch contacteren op +32 89 819 100 of via email

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

International Strategic Business Manager - Diamond - Antwerp

Our client is an important player in the diamond and diamond-jewellery industry with a presence in every facet of the business whether it is rough trading, manufacturing and distribution of polished stones and design, manufacturing and distribution of jewellery. Its operations are carried out through fully staffed, professionally managed offices located in all major diamond centres worldwide, as well as through an international network of manufacturing alliances and joint venture partners.In view of the ongoing expansion of its worldwide operations there is today in Antwerp a vacancy for a (M/F)

• You will supervise and manage the worldwide trading operations and business development activities of the group.• You will be responsible for the assessment, analysis, integration and ongoing management of existing and new activities of the group : diamond sourcing operations, rough and polished distribution, manufacturing operations and jewellery manufacturing and distribution.• Other responsibilities include: w Relationship management with key suppliers and with key joint venture partners and external stakeholders w PR and marketingactivities; strategic marketing alliances; brand management; market analysis w development of strategic business plans and identification of new business opportunities w Group Investments.• You will report directly to the board of directors and you will work closely together with specialised external consultants and with the Finance Manager and the Business Unit Managers in each of the group’s locations.


• You have an academic or higher degree in Business Management or equivalent by experience.• You already have a successful experience in (strategic) business development & management in an international environment which has prepared you to deal with a high amount of data and large-scale responsibilities.• You are above all an open-minded, business-driven and entrepreneurial teamplayer and professional with strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated problem-solving ability. • You have excellent communication and presentation skills and you are well versed in business- & financial modelling. • You are a highly motivated, trustworthy and self-disciplined person with strong negotiaton and relationship building skills.• You are flexible and internationally mobile. Fluency in English (oral + written) is requested. French is an asset.

What we offer:
• Our client offers a competitive salary package and attractive benefits for this international key position in a strong en dynamic group with an excellent reputation and market leadership.

Send your application letter and CV to
Search & Selection
Amerikalei 213
B-2000 Antwerp
Tel. +32 (0)3 248 29 40
Fax. +32 (0)3 248 28 05
for the attention of Mr. M. Van Beethoven.

Senior Manager - Janssen Pharmaceutica - Belgium

Senior Manager Chemische Labo’s Geel

De Kwaliteitsdiensten Chemie hebben tot doel het “recht om te verkopen” te verzekeren voor tussenproducten en actieve farmaceutische grondstoffen die worden geproduceerd in de chemische productie van Janssen Pharmaceutica in Geel. Binnen deze afdeling zijn de labo’s verantwoordelijk voor de uitvoering van alle analyses ter ondersteuning van de productieactiviteiten op de Geel site. Dit omvat analyses i.f.v. proces- en reinigingsvalidatie, “in process” controles en de vrijgave van grondstoffen, tussenproducten en eindproducten.
Om de afdeling Chemische Kwaliteitscontrole te versterken zoeken wij een (m/v):

Senior Manager Chemische Labo’s Geel

Uw functie:

  • U bent verantwoordelijk voor de goede werking van de labo’s van de Geel site (in totaal een 70-tal personen).
  • U geeft direct leiding aan 2 managers (Manager Chromatografische en niet-chromatografische Analyses en Manager FiFo-Analyses) en u rapporteert aan de Sr Directeur Chemische Kwaliteitscontrole.
  • U ziet erop toe dat alle geldende GMP richtlijnen en procedures consequent toegepast worden.
  • U bent verantwoordelijk voor de kwaliteit en de tijdigheid van de te leveren diensten en de opvolging hiervan aan de hand van o.a. scorecards.
  • U draagt bij tot de continue verbetering van de afdelingsperformantie op het vlak van kwaliteit, GMP-compliance, klantgerichtheid en productiviteit.
  • U vertegenwoordigt als woordvoerder de labosystemen bij interne en externe audits.
  • U staat in voor aanwerving, begeleiding en ontwikkeling van uw medewerkers.
  • U geeft input voor het opstellen van een correct budgetplan.
  • U neemt deel aan lokale en internationale werkgroepen (b.v. Analytical Network Group) en maakt deel uit van het leadershipteam van de Kwaliteitdsdiensten Chemie.
  • U bent verantwoordelijk voor het reviewen van validatieprotocols en —rapporten.

Uw profiel

  • U bezit een diploma in een scheikundige richting (universitair niveau).
  • U hebt minimum 5 jaar relevante ervaring in een GMP-omgeving.
  • U heeft reeds met succes een rol als leidinggevende opgenomen en uw realisaties getuigen van uw managers- en leiderschapscapaciteiten.
  • U bent een mature, stressbestendige persoonlijkheid met uitgesproken communicatieve vaardigheden en grote impact.
  • U bent kwaliteitsbewust en besluitvaardig.

Zin om met ons samen te werken?
Stuur dan een brief met je c.v. naar de groep Personeelsvoorziening, Turnhoutseweg 30, 2340 Beerse, tel. 014/60.26.11, fax. 014/60.30.25 of bezoek onze website.


DE STROOMLIJN CVBA is een pas opgericht filiaal van Eandis (onafhankelijk dienstverleningsbedrijf van de Vlaamse gemengde Distributie Netbeheerders van elektriciteit en aardgas) en TMVW (integraal waterbedrijf met verschillende servicelijnen zoals drink- en afvalwater). Vóór de creatie van De Stroomlijn deden de Vlaamse gemengde DNB’s en TMVW een beroep op N-ALLO, dat in 1999 werd opgericht in samenwerking met Electrabel. Door de toename van de vereisten voor de verzekering van de vrije concurrentie en om de neutraliteit binnen de geliberaliseerde markt verder te garanderen was een duidelijkere afbakening van de activiteiten nodig. Als contact center heeft De Stroomlijn als doelstelling het beantwoorden van klantenvragen m.b.t. de goederen en diensten van haar vennoten. De Stroomlijn stelt een 140-tal werknemers te werk op 3 verschillende locaties: Mechelen, Ieper en Gentbrugge.

Om de dagelijkse leiding op strategisch en operationeel niveau te verzekeren zijn we momenteel op zoek naar een (m/v)

Ervaren operationeel manager met uitstekende leidinggevende capaciteiten


  • U bent verantwoordelijk voor de voorbereiding van de strategie en het operationele beleid binnen De Stroomlijn. Dit behelst zowel de algemene leiding als het financieel- en personeelsbeleid.
  • Nadat u de werking van het contact center in de verschillende centra in kaart hebt gebracht, formuleert u een voorstel van strategisch beleidsplan dat de langetermijn- optimalisatie nastreeft.
  • U behartigt de belangen van het bedrijf in alle dienstverleningsovereenkomsten en u beheert de samenwerking met de verschillende partners.
  • U stelt jaarlijks een actieplan op en u neemt de leiding op zich voor de implementatie hiervan. U beheert de budgetten en behoudt het overzicht over de interne werking die u optimaliseert en verder uitbouwt.
  • U begeleidt, coördineert en motiveert de teams over de verschillende locaties heen. Coaching en ontwikkeling van de medewerkers naar een proactieve, klantgerichte en efficiënte aanpak is hierbij een belangrijke invalshoek.
  • U rapporteert rechtstreeks aan de Raad van Bestuur en de aandeelhouders.


  • Met een universitaire of gelijkaardige opleiding als uitgangspunt, beschikt u over gedegen ervaring in een managementfunctie waar u ondermeer een bedrijfsstrategie implementeerde. Inzicht of ervaring met het afsluiten en beheren van dienstverleningsprojecten is wel belangrijk evenals affiniteit met de openbare nutssectoren. Kennis van het leiden en structureren van een dienstencenter is een extra troef, maar geen absolute vereiste.
  • Door uw persoonlijke uitstraling, uitgesproken visie en uitstekende kennis en ervaring bent u in staat een stevig leiderschap uit te bouwen op lange termijn.
  • U bent sterk analytisch ingesteld en u denkt in termen van kwaliteit en klanttevredenheid. Uw inzicht in administratieve processen garandeert een efficiënte werking.


  • Een autonome en uitdagende verantwoordelijkheid op niveau, binnen een evoluerende en brede omgeving.
  • Een competitief salarispakket met aantrekkelijke extralegale voordelen en een bedrijfswagen.

Bijkomende informatie:
Status: Voltijds, Onbeperkte duur

via Hudson De Witte & Morel
Contact: An Bels
Adres: Moutstraat 569000 Gent
Telefoon: +32 9 222 26 95
Fax: +32 9 221 23 55

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Distribution Manager Apparel - Nike - Belgium

Distribution Manager Apparel
Belgium -Antwerpen-Laakdal

The Distribution Manager ensures Apparel Operations meets current and future operational targets within quality and cost goals, developing the wider EMEA logistics organization and the people.
Some key figures :
- > 100.000 SKU’s
- Personnel : + 400 associates
- Annual operating budget : 30 million €

The Distribution Manager directly reports to the EMEA Logistics Director and is a member of the EMEA Logistics management team.
His/her team will exist out of 2 Operations Manager (in shifts) and a Business Analyst. Further in the organization 7 Area managers (reporting to the Ops mgr, 3 in each shift, and 1 responsible for samples) and about 35 coaches run the daily business.

Lead, manage and develop the EMEA Apparel DC in Laakdal
· Lead, drive and develop the Apparel Laakdal facility to ensure we deliver in full on time, with focus on quality and productivity, within a climate of commitment, flexibility and continuous improvement.

Manage and support other DC activities in the EMEA region
· Develop, implement and manage DC solutions for Nike EMEA in the broader region, like satellite warehouses in Russia, South Africa, CEMEA South,…
· Link with Business Units & countries within EMEA to translate business needs into Logistics solutions, regarding DC processes.

Build and implement the long term vision of Operations inline with the Nike culture, our Values and the EMEA Logistics mission
· Continuously feed and strengthen the Nike Culture in Operations. Inspire others to do so. Continuously feed the Nike Leadership competencies in the Ops Leadership team.
· Participate in Management forums to design the long term vision of EMEA Logistics at Laakdal and Operations.
· Provide input to and participate in the execution of the EMEA Ops busplan.
· Build and execute Team Charter (0-24 months) inline with the EMEA Ops busplan.
· Build and execute the roadmap to become a high performance team.
· Enable positive future working climate.

Achieve operational targets aligned with Customer expectations
· Give direction and steer high quality standards in Apparel shipments. Connect with customers to understand their needs.
· Report monthly on status and progress towards key business metrics and business plan initiatives/milestones.
· Enable continuous performance improvement of operational related logistic services. Cooperate with Ops Leadership and other departments to define requirements to meet future growth, improve internal processes and optimize the total supply chain.
· Run effective operations, achieve set goals through an organization that values its resources.
· Participate in cross functional groups to align targets and actions plans in the business unit.

Balance Cost, Quality, Volume and People
· Optimal resource allocation: Ensure staffing is in line with processing plan and capacity utilization. Manage Operational critical mass.
· Prepare and meet the Operations Budget and keep control on the finances.
· Set quality and profitability boundaries and K.P.I.’s.
· Safety: Work with Risk mgt to enable the Safety & Health Strategy for Operations (Culture, Environment, Behavior).
· Manage prioritization process to balance business needs.

Empowered, motivated and developed people
· Create leadership structure that supports business needs in line with the vision and values.
· Enable leadership to get high performers (individual/team) in all roles of the operations team and to take ownership of accountabilities.
· Review individual and team performance. Challenge the quality of cross area results and the way they are achieved.
· Apply high standards in the organization by setting an example and reviewing behavior consistent with the company’s values. Inspire leaders to positively impact others.
· Provide Nike Leadership to the Operations Managers and Area Managers (Coaching for Excellence, Human Resources Planning, Individual Development Plan…) to build Leaders that will take the organization to the future.

Build and implement a shared strategy for future organization
· Stimulate pro-active and cross functional work behavior.
· Think in terms of win-win and continuously look for synergy opportunities across operations and between departments.
· Build strong work relations across the whole organization and inspire other Leaders to do so
· Jointly develop (Apparel/Footwear/Equipment/HR) and share the strategy to build the climate and strengthen Leadership. Build and sponsor execution of the L&D roadmap.
· Provide structured communication in all levels of the organization to ensure a pro-active approach towards future challenges.
· Ensure that internal strategic decisions are aligned to optimize the total supply chain.

Requested Knowledge and skills

· Master degree in economics (preferable in Logistics, Applied Economics,…) or Engineer, or equivalent by experience.
· 8 – 10 years relevant working experience.
· Strategic thinker, result oriented with excellent people skills.
· Good understanding of Supply Chain Management theory and best practice.
Experiences in leading a big team via direct reports, working in several shifts.

Selection procedure

Selection steps:
Ø First selection based on CV (education, experience, skills).
Ø Second selection by HR.
Ø Third selection based on Panel interview with Management.
Ø Decission and communication.

Contact Rudi Veulemans at

Business Analyst - Clear2Pay - Belgium

Mechelen, Belgium

Job description:
As a Business Analyst, you will join a talented and experienced eFinance/eCommerce team. You will participate in the detailed development of the business content and business modeling of our payment processing platform that enables financial institutions with acquiring, monitoring, netting and clearing functions for their payments systems and allow merchants and acquirers to offer the best of breed payments solutions to their customers.
You will work on projects that bring the next generation of Payment/eCommerce functionality to the Internet. You will translate market demands into marketing requirements and engage in customer business meetings. You will work with security experts defining the security requirements for these solutions and incorporate them into the product requirements.

Attractive Features:
-Join a team staffed with talented experts in banking, eFinance and eCommerce
-Participate in the Business modeling and functional design of our eFinance applications in a state of the art environment (UML, XML, Test Director, .Net, J2EE, BPM, Oracle…)
-Current projects include functional enrichment and product based projects
-Very innovative and challenging environment

-Translate the market demands and customer needs into product marketing requirements
-Translate the customer/marketing requirements into functional and non-functional specifications
-Participate in and facilitate customer/product requirements meetings and work together with the customer/Product Marketing department towards the most optimal functional solution.
Deliver time estimations
-Assist the systems analysts and engineering team in the functional implementation by providing clear and unambiguous specifications to enable them to produce quality software that meets defined product requirements. Participate in the review of designs produced by systems analysts and engineers.
-Develop and manage use case models and supporting specifications, and contribute to and review domain object models
-Participate in UI designs and review
-Provide clarifications and support to the Test team during test scenario derivation and testing processes
-Deliver functional training to the customer and colleagues.
-Assist Sales team in proposals.

-Proven experience in banking, finance and/or eCommerce, especially in regard to payments processing
-Proven experience in functional analysis and design in the domain of business process modeling and interactive web application
-Understand internet and transaction security themes
-Excellent UML knowledge. Working knowledge of BPMN highly desirable
-Good knowledge of software development processes, and QA methodologies
-Experience with JSP, XML and HTML and other web technology standards recommended
-Good social contacts, team player
-Excellent written and spoken English, French and/or Dutch spoken
-Willingness to travel
-A pro-active ‘can-do’ attitude
-Good attention to detail.
-Self-disciplined and motivated
-Ability to prioritize and self manage time and tasks

Send your curriculum vitae, in English, with covering letter by mail or email to the attention of: An Vanassche, Clear2Pay NV, Schaliënhoevedreef 20A (Mechelen Campus), B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium

an.vanassche at

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

National Logistics Manager - UK

This is an excellent opportunity to join a major, market leading retail company as their national logistics manager. This high profile role will involve the full management of a network of distribution centres spreading across the country. This role represents an outstanding opportunity for an experienced logistics professional to progress their career within a growing retail business.

You will have responsibility for:
*Managing countrywide distribution network.
*Maintaining and developing companies KPI's.
*Improving efficiency of logistics function.
*Man management of senior management across sites.

To be considered for this role you must be able to display the following characteristics:
*Excellent man management skills at a senior level.
*Extensive background in logistics management.
*Experience managing across multi-site operation.
*Desire to drive down costs in logistics environment.

Supply Chain Personnel
Michelle Cowgill
Tel: +44 (0) 161 929 1995
Fax: +44 (0) 161 929 8023

Supply Chain Personnel carefully considers each application received. However, due to the significantly increased number of responses our advertisements are attracting, we regret that we are unable to contact applicants further, unless your profile closely matches our client's specification.We are only able to assist candidates who are eligible to work in the UK or hold the relevant visas.

General Manager - Pilz - Belgium (Dutch version)

Over Pilz:
Pilz is wereldwijd toonaangevend in veilige industriële automatisering. Wereldwijd zijn er ca. 1100 medewerkers actief en brengen al vele jaren eigen innovatieve producten en diensten op de markt. Onze producten worden door duizenden klanten naar volle tevredenheid toegepast. De organisatie is succesvol door haar servicegerichtheid, de praktische oplossingen voor industriële veiligheidsvraagstukken en door de kennis van de geldende wet- en regelgeving op het gebied van machineveiligheid. Pilz heeft hiermee een unieke positie verworven en heeft in de markt een uitstekende naam. Onze producten zijn speciaal ontwikkeld om de veiligheid binnen machines te waarborgen en de mens te beschermen tegen gevaar. Pilz is bekend door zijn veiligheidsbesturingen zoals de relais (PNOZ), de plc’s (PSS), de bussystemen (Safetybus P) e.d. maar Pilz levert tevens sensoren, visualiseringen en aandrijvingen.

Pilz België maakte tot op heden deel uit van Pilz Benelux en wordt door haar eigen succes nu zelfstandig. Hierdoor zijn wij op zoek naar een eigen general manager. Pilz België verzorgt de verkoop van alle producten van de moederorganisatie en heeft daarnaast een dynamische afdeling dienstverlening waar een professioneel team van consultants en engineers werkzaam is. Op de afdeling services voert een team van ingenieurs risico-analyses uit, verzorgen CE markeringen, lossen veiligheidsvraagstukken op, geven opleidingen etc. Kortom Pilz België staat voor veilige automatisering van A tot Z.

Uw functie:
Verantwoordelijk zijn voor de onderneming Pilz België (business-plan)
Sturing geven aan de organisatie en aan het managementteam
Directe rapportering aan Pilz GmbH
Strategische en operationele plannen opstellen en implementeren

U heeft:
- een diploma ingenieur ( burgerlijk/industrieel)
- adequate ervaring in strategische verkoop (producten/ projecten) binnen de industrie
- adequate management ervaring om een team van ca. 15 medewerkers te kunnen sturen.
- uitstekende kennis van de Nederlandse en Franse taal in woord en geschrift en goede kennis van de Duitse en/of Engelse taal
- strategisch inzicht
- ambitie om uzelf en de organisatie verder te doen laten groeien.

Wij bieden:
- een verantwoordelijke functie met ruimte voor initiatieven in een succesvolle en groeiende organisatie
- een aantrekkelijk loon
- een bedrijfswagen
- extra-legale voordelen

Als u de manager bent die zich aangetrokken voelt tot deze mooie uitdagende functie, nodigen wij u van harte uit om te solliciteren voor deze vacature.

Uw schriftelijke sollicitatie met degelijke motivatie per brief en CV mag u richten aan onze office manager Mevr. R. De Baerdemaeker.
Adres Pilz België : Bijenstraat 4, B-9051 Gent (Sint-Denijs –Westrem).
Indien u meer informatie wenst, kunt u contact opnemen met de heer J. Tournois directeur Pilz Benelux ( ).
U kunt ook veel informatie vinden op

Account Development Manager - Leading New Media Agency - UK

The Account Manager assists in developing and managing existing accounts to increase revenue and retain accounts.
They are responsible for both maximising the value of each account and servicing the day to day needs of clients.
This includes: generating interest in our services, seeking and responding to briefs (written and verbal), creating proposals and estimates and generally ensuring satisfaction with our service.

This role requires the ability to manage and prioritise multiple clients, leads and requests

* Build strong, positive long-term client relationships by understanding their current and future business issues, markets, competition, audiences in order to propose strategic and tactical solutions;
* Actively identify revenue opportunities from accounts to answer clients' stated and underlying business needs;
* Be a key point of contact for your clients, setting up and attending meetings and presenting development and project approaches;
* Clarify client briefs to understand requirements, deliverables, end goals and risks. Communicate these effectively to internal pre-sales teams;
* Working with the internal pre-sales teams, scope and write appropriate, innovative and compelling proposals and task orders;
* Assist the Director of Client Services and the Director of Operations in planning and ensuring adequate internal and 3rd party pre-sales resource;
* Assist the Director of Client Services and individual Project Managers in ensuring clients' projects are scheduled effectively;
* Develop results-orientated case studies and press releases for each completed project to share success internally, with clients and the press;
* Identify and share client feedback, account knowledge and internal learning at internal project and post-delivery assessments;

* Ability to spot, develop and close new business opportunities within existing client accounts;
* Good grasp of core digital/web technology and strategy;
* Good organisational skills under pressure, with meticulous attention to detail;
* Confident oral and written communicator with people at all levels of business;
* Excellent negotiation, influencing and problem solving skills;
* Presence and professionalism to inspire confidence and credibility;
* Demonstrable commercial awareness;
* Ability to use Microsoft Project, Excel and Word, plus sales reporting and analysis tools;

* Experience working in an web agency environment;
* Strong, provable track record of growing key client accounts and managing client relationships;
* Knowledge of any of the following sectors: ecommerce, travel, finance;
* Degree-educated, or the equivalent experience learnt on the job


c £38-40K OTETO

Please forward a copy of your updated CV to and contact Ameet Foord on +44(0)2920 647 550.

Dome Recruitment Limited
Tel: +44 (0) 208 780 2244
Fax: +44 (0) 208 780 5533

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

PR Manager - Skincare/Cosmetics - UK

Based in Mayfair, London.

A dynamic global health and beauty brand is currently seeking to appoint a PR Manager to ensure that the in-house Press Office is run efficiently and professionally, delivering the best service in the industry and constantly striving to raise awareness of the brand.

You will be responsible for creating powerful and informative press releases as well as generating strong media coverage in order to drive business through their website, salons / spas nationwide and retail outlets.

Your duties will include managing trade PR enquiries and delivering requirements within designated timelines. This includes pitching and generating strong stories to leading publications to ensure the company is seen as the industry leader.

You will also be in charge of creating and executing long / short term strategy and planning (in advance) for UK, US and Globally.

You will oversee and manage communication effectively of the US PR Agency, ensuring the necessary and required support is provided.

Your responsibilities will also include pro-actively researching all opportunities to help raise awareness of the brand through coverage, sampling and other strategic areas. Also included will be co-ordinating new product and promotion launches as well as events to ensure quality maximum exposure.

As PR Manager, you will be responsible for recruiting and continuous building of a dynamic and exceptional team. Whilst possessing a proactive and assertive attitude, you must have the capability of both managing and motivating them.

With strong media contacts across the board, you must be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of Media / Public Relations - experience and knowledge of PR within the beauty industry would be advantageous.

You will be extremely self-motivated, enthusiastic and have a positive approach towards your career.

The position should be carried out in a professional, efficient, effective and timely manner with the highest standards of communication, organisation and attention to detail.

£32,000 - £35,000 -

Ellis Fairbank Plc is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Ellis Fairbank Plc
Tel: +44 113 2593000
Fax: +44 870 011 0883

Marketing Director - Innovative Digital Publishing - UK

The only people in the world who do what they do, our client offers a unique and fresh approach to web-based publishing. Addressing the publishing and consultation challenges facing organisations worldwide their products are the first choice for hundreds of clients in the Public and Private Sector. By creating products that are simple to use and proven to save time and money, our clients solutions help businesses to work smarter, not harder, whilst maximizing the publishing life-cycle.

A unique and open culture ensure contributions are valued, while their people and passion for creating results, and sustained and rapid growth make them an exciting and energetic place to work.

Bringing together smart, energetic, and focused people who build on each other's talents to deliver, their workplace is innovative and conducive to new ideas.

With a vacancy for a Senior Marketing Director, they are looking for like-minded people to join their team.

As a Senior Marketing Director your role is key within the organisation.
You will be responsible for researching and developing marketing strategy from conception to deliverance.
You will work closely with the sales director to develop the marketing plan, and establish national marketing campaigns, conferences and other strategic marketing procedures.
You will also be responsible for directing the US market and liaising with key stakeholders within the private and public sector to ensure maximum efficiency and timely deliverance of results.

A visible and hands-on role you will need the skills and the drive to manage and set-up the marketing department to run as smoothly as possible, while gaining maximum coverage within the market place.

As the ideal marketing Director, you will have experience working in a digital or software environment as well as exposure to government bodies. You will have worked in a role at a similar level and be confident in running a marketing department, be hands-on and well rounded.
Your knowledge of the digital and software environment will be further complimented by experience in both large and SME or start-up companies, giving you the grounding to manage operations at all levels.
A strong and confident communicator, you will have excellent people skills and an outstanding knowledge of the marketing mix.

In return our client will offer you an extremely attractive and flexible package based on your expectations and experience and the opportunity to be a key decision maker at a strategic level within an innovative and fast-faced organisation.

This vacancy is being advertised by Aquent Incorporated. The services advertised by Aquent Incorporated are those of an Employment Agency.

Aquent Incorporated
Contact: Jessica Tucci
60 Parker Street
London WC2B 5PZ
United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0)20 7404 0077
fax: +44 (0)20 7404 0088

Date Advertised 29 Jan 2007

Director Product Management - Euroclear - Brussels, Belgium

− Fixed Income department Brussels - Braine L'Alleud

Euroclear is the world's largest provider of domestic and cross-border settlement and related services for bond, equity and fund transactions. Market owned and market governed, the Euroclear group includes Euroclear Bank, the Brussels-based international central securities depository (CSD), as well as Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland and CRESTCo, the CSDs of Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and the UK and Ireland, respectively.

The total value of securities transactions settled by Euroclear is in excess of EUR 350 trillion per annum, while assets held for clients are valued at more than EUR 15 trillion. Euroclear Bank is rated AA+ by Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings.

Employing more than 3000 highly skilled professionals of almost 50 nationalities, Euroclear offers a truly international work environment.

Headquartered in Brussels, Euroclear also has offices is in 8 other cities around the world.

As a product manager for a range of fixed income markets, you will be in charge of:
Market analysis, i.e. collect information to monitor Euroclear’s market share and develop SWOT matrices on markets and competitors to identify business opportunities
Client segmentation, i.e. understand key buying factors for different type of clients and related servicing needs
Based on market analysis and client segmentation, define specific product and market strategy for the short and medium term
Develop selling arguments to support commercial in protecting current and attracting new business, and assist in client visits when appropriate
Sponsor new service offering and co-ordinate with relevant departments to ensure timely delivery of new functionalities (Roadmap projects and ECRs) , preparation of marketing material and roll-out
Monitor product and market P&L versus plan (revenues and costs)

Your profile
Leadership: ability to take responsibilities to create own job and motivation
Client focused: good contact with clients, able to understand client needs
Problem solving/critical thinking: able to investigate alternative solutions, to challenge others’ ideas, to come with own suggestions and put problems into perspective
Team work and assertiveness: able to work with people from different area’s (operations, legal, commercial) and leverage network of relationships to increase knowledge, and at the same time, able to defend own ideas and to motivate others to reach a common objective Planning/organizational skills: able to organize and accomplish work by himself and to solicit support and escalate issues as and when appropriate
Lateral thinking: ability to come up with new ideas for his products
Detailed knowledge of Euroclear services, fixed income products, markets and/ or clients is a real asset
Economical background is a plus
Fluent in English

Contract duration unspecified

What we offer you
Your success is our success. Extensive on- and off-the-job training will allow you to accomplish your personal career goals in line with your ambitions. We believe that hard work should be rewarded. Therefore, we offer competitive compensation and benefits packages.